Futrend Contract Vehicles

FUTREND is an HHS NIH CIO-SP3 prime contract holder under both 8(a) and Small Business tracks. This Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) has a contract ceiling of $20 billion and a period of performance of 10 years.

The following is a list of task areas that FUTREND is authorized to provide under this contract vehicle:

Please see:
HHSN316201200085W – 8(a)

HHSN316201200141W – Small Business

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Futrend Technology Inc. Federal Vendor page at GovTribe.    

FUTREND holds GSA′s Professional Services Schedule (PSS) and GSA OASIS for Financial and Business Solutions.

FUTREND′s GSA IT Schedules offer wide-ranging services and solutions for:

  • System integration and implementation
  • Full life-cycle application development
  • Requirements, design, development, testing and QA, deployment, operations & maintenance support
  • Program Management Services which include program/project management support and IV&V
  • Accounting;
  • Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services
  • Professional services and management consulting

Please see:

GSA FSS schedule: GS-35F-0572S


FUTREND was an 8(a) SDB professional services company at the time some contract vehicles were awarded. Although now a U.S. Small Business Administration-qualified Small Disadvantaged Business, and no longer an 8(a), FUTREND is eligible to bid some tasks where recertification is not required.

FUTREND is an SI OCIO BPA prime contract holder for Project Support and Technical Assistance Services. This Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) has a period of performance of 5 years.

Responsibilities under this BPA include the following identified Tasks:

FUTREND is an NIH CC IDIQ prime contract holder for Development Modernization and Enhancement Support Services for the NIH Clinical Center. This Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) has a period of performance of 5 years.

Responsibilities under this IDIQ include the following identified Task Areas:

Task 1: Program Management
Task 2: Task Management
Task 3: System Engineering and Development Support

  • Subtask Area 1 – Web Based Development
  • Subtask Area 2 – IT Operations and Maintenance
  • Subtask Area 3 – Software Development
  • Subtask Area 4 – Configuration Management and Platform Support
  • Subtask Area 5 – Modernization / Portfolio Management

FUTREND is a One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services – Small Business (OASIS SB) 2 On-Ramp prime contract holder.